Vietnam Food Guide | Top restaurants from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam Food Guide | Top restaurants from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese food is said to be one of the best culinary in the world. Vietnam culinary tourism is not complete if you haven’t visited all the regions. Although the name is the same in all of Vietnam, each province has a different taste and presentation. So, if you’ve just visited one city in Vietnam, don’t hope you’ve tasted everything. Prepare your tongue and stomach, because you will visit one of the food paradises in the world!

Vietnam Food Guide – NORTH | Hanoi
Simplicity and balance are the key to delicious dishes served in Vietnam’s northernmost region. Centered on vegetables and seafood, most dishes are cooked with black pepper, not chili. You will find fish sauce in many Vietnamese dishes, but in the north, soy sauce, shrimp sauce or lime juice is more common in creating this flavor. Because the temperatures in the north are cooler, many spices (such as chili) don’t grow well, so local chefs adapt to bring new traditions that you must try!

1. Bún riêu

Bún riêu is a traditional soup noodle with thick tomato broth. This sour taste combination becomes a favorite food in summer and is generally served with freshwater crab, pork, or beef.

The best place to try it: CNN Travel recommends Ms. Thu at Thọ Xương Alley, near St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

Check-in at Hanoi Graceful Hotel, Visit Thọ Xương Alley

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