thousands of years of history


thousands of years of history


Intricate political feud,, amazing views. The Israeli government continues to encourage development, especially marketing so that the country is open for business. Here you will be presented with a view of a busy market selling fresh & local food. In Jerusalem, you will find some of the most sacred destinations in the world, such as the Wailing Wall, but outside the pilgrimage route, you will also see a wave of modern life amid the booming luxury hotels.


Thanks to a tourism boom, English-speaking locals & political stability, Tanzania cannot fly under the radar. But as a source of full magic & natural experience, this is an attraction for anyone who wants to see the other side of life. If you are planning a safari trip in Tanzania (it’s a must anyway), you will have a great opportunity to see all the gifts of nature. Wandering wild owls, elegant giraffes, Baobab trees, they are all here, as if straight from the original Lion King, but with a clear, living technique. Looking for more than a bush and plain? Head for miles of beaches along the Indian Ocean, where you will find white sand beaches, palm trees and quiet lazy sunrises. Of course, Tanzania is also home to Mt. Kilimanjaro, a tempting search for brave mountain climbers who want to climb the highest peak in Africa.


Mexico has long been the first destination for many Americans who want to travel but don’t know where to start. For starters, consider Mexico City, the vast capital gem. If you plan to come just for food, whether it’s a taco / dish that stops at Pujol, guaranteed the trip will be amazing. In between culinary time, you will find sophisticated shopping streets & wide tree-lined streets leading to museums and galleries. For a completely different side of Mexican culture, head to the emerald green beaches of Yucatan & the capital, Merida. Here, Europe’s past (think of 18th-century Spanish & French mansions) is juxtaposed with native markets & local craftsmen, supported by a growing number of tourists and expats.


Many people think that Tokyo is the best city in the world. Honestly, who agrees? Mega-metropolis that has everything you want. Sophisticated city life, flawless dining (even in the form of a vending machine!), And a dizzying variety of cultures, from fashion to music. However, Japan is not only limited to Tokyo. From relaxed rural onsens to rural towns that hide cultural gems, such as extraordinary architecture, Japan is an attractive gift that is worth visiting. Although Japan has long been famous for food & sakinya, Japan is also a popular destination for modern cocktails, wine & liquor such as gin and whiskey.


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