the island nation’s hard-won reputation


The Island Nation’s Hard-Won Reputation

Sri Lanka

When terrorists invaded Sri Lanka in early 2019, the island nation’s hard-won reputation as an idyllic runaway declined, especially affecting local residents working in the tourism trade. In the months since then, the country has tried once again to attract travelers/tourists, such as offering tourist visas for free travel & slowly, they return. With countless historic destinations, limitless crystal blue waters & beautiful green tea plantations, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of enchantments for those who want to explore. The axiom “big things come in small packages” certainly applies here. This island nation is full of post & pre-colonial history in the capital city of Colombo, & eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.


With increasing flights to the capital city of Lisbon, attractive sights in Porto, incredible wine throughout the Douro Valley & the green islands of the Azores, Portugal continues to grow. Relax in the historic tile work, known as Azulejos, in beautiful Lisbon as you look for cafes / lounges that feature live Fado shows, the country’s style of music. The views of the Alentejo vineyard rival those in Italy / France & the wine, made with strong native wines such as Touriga Nacional & Aragonez.


Long been a destination for tourists and backpacker tourists, a blend of the bustling metro in Thailand, an unforgettable street food culture & a joyful historic destination attracting travelers from all walks of life. Thailand can be described in one word: Energetic. From internationally renowned festivals such as Songkran, five-day New Year celebrations, to infinite photogenic lantern festivals, tourists can experience Thai customs & traditions firsthand. If you have an adventurous spirit you can explore the island to a group of forest-covered islands on an open beach that is perfect for a day trip. But if you are looking for comfort, city centers like Bangkok & Chiang Mai offer a lot of cultural immersion.


Indonesia is fast becoming a new destination for migrants. People chase to modern resorts, secluded beaches & stunning temples. The semi-secluded trio from the Gili islands beckoned with beaches that were lonely & sunny. Bali continues to captivate yoga lovers & party lovers, with doctors and spa retreats living peacefully side by side with popular beach clubs. It is not surprising that Indonesia has the highest score among cntraveler readers.

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