Six of the Best Land Travel in the World | Mandatory Itinerary & Destinations


Six of the Best Land Travel in the World | Mandatory Itinerary & Destinations

Start the engine, and take out your map. Time for a road trip! Whether you are watching Northern Lights in Iceland or wild kangaroos in Australia, the six best road trips in the world will direct you to the right place – and maybe give bonus off-road adventures along the way! Make sure the fuel is fully charged when walking along the North Coast 500 to admire the castle and the northernmost point in England or play the music as loud as possible in America while reminiscing along Historic Route 66.

Best Land Travel | The Ring Road, Iceland

Traveling overland in Iceland not only takes you to several destinations, but to the entire country! Start in Reykjavik and follow Ring Road (sometimes called Route 1) along the 1,335-kilometer road that surrounds all of Iceland. Along the way, witness glorious glaciers and icebergs, lava fields, and waterfalls. Take a break during the day at the geothermal pool and black sandy beach, and at night, lie under the beauty of the Northern Lights.

How long does it take to go down Ring Road? Ten to fifteen days, depending on how long you stop by at each spot.

Travelers who often travel overland prefer to bring their own vehicle with a camper or RV, but tourists can hire a driver in Reykjavik. The fee varies depending on driver and season, but prices usually range between $ 500 to $ 1,000 for the whole trip. If you want to rent a car and drive yourself, make sure you have a valid international SIM. Icelanders drive on the right side of the road, so if you are not familiar, consider hiring a driver.


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