Hiked in Peru | Colca Canyon


Hiked in Peru | Colca Canyon

For a complete adventure trip in Peru, backpackers should plan to spend a few days at Colca Canyon near Chivay. This archaeological wonder is the third most visited destination in Peru where you can see the endangered Andean Condor. Less than 7,000 Andean Condors are known to exist on earth, and most live in Colca Canyon, while the rest can be found in Argentina. Giant hummingbirds, Andean geese, Chilean flamingos, and ways can also be found in this region.

The Colca Gorge is also famous for its hot springs, most of which can be found in Chivay, but some are scattered along the canyon path.

A famous archeological site in Colca Canyon
Mollepunko Cave in the Callalli District
Paragraph Archaeological Site – Sibayo (Mummy Paraqra)
China Fort (Fortaleza de Chimpa) above Madrigal
Pre-Hispanic settlement ruins
How to get to Colca Canyon
Ordering a tour bus in Arequipa is the easiest way to get to Colca Canyon. Visitors who come from Lima can fly directly to Arequipa. Hiring a minibus driver can also be another alternative. Although it costs more than a group tour, going by minibus allows you to travel at your own leisure and stop along the way.

Experienced climbers can choose a “mini-climb” between Arequipa and Colca Canyon. One of the most popular places to spend time watching condor is in the Cabanaconde District.

Novice climbers can take a bus directly to Colca Canyon and spend a day or two exploring the area.

Hiked in Peru | Moray
Agricultural enthusiasts will enjoy time in Moray, right outside the Urubamba community near Cusco. This site consists of several terraced layers, which are believed to be agricultural land of the Incas.

You can walk along terraces to feel climate change from the top layer to the bottom. The architecture is used to test the best growth conditions for local plants. Studies show that land from the surrounding area is imported into the district, and evidence of waterways can still be seen today.

How to get to Moray from Cusco
Booking a day tour through a travel agent in Cusco is the easiest way to go to Moray. This trip takes about one and a half hours. Taxis can also be an alternative because tourists do not need permission to enter Moray, but the fees will be more expensive than ordering a bus tour.


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