Hiked in Peru | Choquequirao


Hiked in Peru | Choquequirao

One of Peru’s less popular attractions, Choquequirao, is the Inca ruins complex located in the Vilcabamba mountains near Cachora. The architecture in Choquequirao resembles Machu Picchu, and this landmark is believed to be the ruins of a political fortress.

The site contains several structures and temples, including the Llamas Sector, which features a series of stone stairs and walkways, as well as the Principal Plaza, one of the main buildings of this site.

How to get to Choquequirao
Experienced climbers can register for a two-day climb from Cusco. However, the real climb starts at Cachora, about four hours from Cusco. The shorter path starts at Huanipaca. Longer climbs that last for 7 to 10 days are also available such as tracks from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu.

Beginner climbers need to wait for the cable car to be completed. Construction has been approved, but there is no official launch date. Visiting the ruins of Machu Picchu is the best alternative for those of you who decide not to go to Choquequirao.

Hiked in Peru | Paracas National Nature Reserve
Created to protect Peru’s coastline, marine life and some tropical deserts, the Paracas National Nature Reserve is the perfect destination for hiking in Peru, especially for eco-friendly backpackers. This park is the first marine reserve in Peru and offers an easy tour of the Ballestas Islands, which is full of wildlife and native coastal birds.

Activities that can be done at the Paracas National Nature Reserve
Ballestas Islands: Take a boat tour to see unique rock formations and a variety of marine life, such as seals, sea lions and penguins.
Museo de Sitio Julio C. Tello de Paracas: Stop by this museum to learn the culture of Paracas. The Paracas region is believed to have been occupied since 6500 BC.
Beach: Paracas Beach is lined with beaches and resorts. Although the waters are not ideal for swimming, the atmosphere is really relaxed and pleasant. Playa La Mina is a popular public beach area located far from the center of Paracas. Visitors who want to stay close to tourist attractions, can look for a beachfront hotel near Playa Chaco or Playa Palmilla.
Rock formation: Hold your hat tightly in Paracas! The wind blows hard enough in this historic area, and over the years has formed several archaeological wonders. Make sure you capture the moment at sunset to capture the beauty of this natural formation.
How to get to Paracas National Reserve
The bus departs daily to the Paracas National Reserve. Visitors can take a bus from Lima, Paracas, Ica, or Nazca.

Both novice and experienced climbers will enjoy the experience of exploring the Paracas National Nature Reserve.


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