Climbing towards Machu Picchu and Surrounding Areas


Climbing towards Machu Picchu and Surrounding Areas

From easy tracks through Colca Conyan to challenging hikes in Choquequirao, hiking in Peru is a backpacker’s favorite activity. Peru offers many adventures and attractions that can be visited, including ancient buildings, enchanting scenery, and delicious food. Explore some of the most mysterious landmarks in the world at Machu Picchu, or plan a trip to the Peruvian Amazon in Iquitos.

Experienced climbers will find many challenging hiking trails, and novice climbers can also enjoy easier tracks, making this country in South America one of the must-see destinations!

1. Hike in Peru | Machu Picchu

Some archeologists believe that this site was built as a resting place for the wealthy Incas and there are some who doubt it, but all agree that Machu Picchu is. Ancient ruins built in the classic Inca style with stone walls in this terraced landscape were not officially discovered until 1911, because the entire village is on a hill above the Urubamba River.

This site is so hidden that it is one of the few places left after the Spanish conquest of the Inca Kingdom in the late 1500s. Machu Picchu is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered a sacred place by local residents.

The best time to visit Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is open all year, but climbing is more difficult during the rainy season from October to April. This place becomes very crowded during the peak season from July to August. There are usually fewer visitors on weekdays, and Sunday is the densest day because locals from Cusco are allowed to enter Machu Picchu for free.

The most popular attraction in Machu Picchu
Sun Gate (Inti Punku): Recommended as the first stop at Machu Picchu due to the heavy climb needed to get there, Sun Gate offers a panoramic view of the mountains of Peru as well as a stunning sunset view. Climbing to Sun Gate from the entrance to Machu Picchu takes about one and a half hours.
Intihuatana: This unique structure is considered to have been used as a sundial, and is in a perfect position on a hilltop to capture sunlight.
Temple of the Sun: One of the most impressive architectural structures in Machu Picchu, the Temple of the Sun is built of fine stones that are close together. This large monument is different from other buildings in this complex, which are usually made of small stones attached to mud.
Temple of the Three Windows: Located in the middle of the site in the main fort, the Temple of the Three Windows displays a view of the region from rocks shaped like window frames.
Temple of the Condor: One of the most interesting structures on this site, the Temple of Condor is a stone complex that resembles the shape of a condor’s head. A prison complex is located directly behind the temple, and experts believe that the Temple of the Condor was used as a place of detainees to be tried as well as an altar of sacrifice.


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