Cities like Cape Town & Johannesburg


Cities like Cape Town & Johannesburg


In recent years, Greece has recovered from the financial/political crisis one by one, and now the country has revived. This is most clearly seen in the capital city of Athens, the birthplace of western civilization, & the birthplace of ancient literature and philosophy. There is a city stone building dating back to 400 BC, in the form of columns & sculptures that are still stunning, a contemporary & modern restaurant, bar & hotel that is attracting more tourists. Greece, of course, is famous for the islands, the postcards of Santorini and Mykonos.


The national Peruvian Tourism Board estimates that the country will attract 7 million tourists by 2021, which means it is time to go to the South American country if you haven’t already. While overtourism threatens iconic destinations such as Machu Picchu, the city of Cuzco, & the Sacred Valley so the government has mandated restrictions on visitors. The country offers many adventurous tourists if you know where to look. Starting in the capital city, Lima, where you will find an extraordinary international food scene, local markets, traditional craftsmen & charming hotels. Or go 350 miles northwest, where you will find the quiet coastal town of Huanchaco, which has an ancient surfing history.

south Africa

Located at the tip of Africa, South Africa is one of the most dynamic countries on the continent, wild safari land, perfect wine, & stunning beaches. Cities like Cape Town & Johannesburg attract the attention of many international tourists to this hard-to-reach corner of the world, but once you are here, you are guaranteed not to regret it. If you want to experience party life with a touch of ocean spray, head to the famous Cape Town party beach, Camps Bay, where you will find a lively pedestrian area in hotels, bars & restaurants with a stunning backdrop of Mt. Twelve Apostles. Or flee to quieter Winelands, visit vineyards & wineries in world-famous regions such as Hemel-en-Aarde, known for their Burgundy-style pinot noirs which speak of South Africa’s increasing superiority in the wine world. Head west from Cape Town & you can check out stunning national parks & hotels in secluded style. While in Jo’burg, you will find a city where the view of the food heats up. You will also find historic destinations such as the Apartheid Museum that made this country complex, & modern offerings such as Keyes Art Mile, which is filled with boutiques & art galleries that celebrate the city’s contemporary revival.


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