Best Land Travel | North Coast 500, Scotland


Best Land Travel | North Coast 500, Scotland

Forget Glasgow and Edinburgh! As one of the newest and best land trips in the world, the North Coast 500 takes tourists on a journey through areas that are rarely visited in Northern Scotland. This route was officially opened in 2015 and features points such as Cape Wrath, the most southwestern point on mainland England, and John O’Groats on the northeastern tip.

The journey begins and ends in Inverness, with sights such as the Cairngorms National Park and Rogie Falls. Along the way, you will pass through northern villages such as Applecross, a row of houses on the Highland coast known locally as Shore Street or The Street. The trail then takes you northeast toward Ullapool which is on the edge of Loch Broom. In Ullapool, drivers can take a break from the streets and take the ferry to visit the Outer Hebrides islands or stay in the city for a tour of the Ullapool Museum.

Further trips will take you to the ruins of a castle that has hundreds of years of age, farmland that is still functioning, and beautiful hills and coastlines.

A journey of 800 kilometers can be completed in two or three days, but to get the maximum experience, tourists must plan a trip for five days or even a week.

Popular stopping points along the NC500

Inverness: The gateway to the NC500 presents some of the best attractions. Visit the Inverness Botanic Gardens and The Highlanders ‘Museum when starting your trip, and visit Inverness Castle on your way home. You can also book a boat tour with Dolphin Spirit Inverness, a cruise on a cruise that promises views of dolphins and seals that play in their natural habitat.

Rogie Falls: Not far from Inverness, Rogie Falls features wild waterfalls and unbeatable nature attractions. Challenge yourself across the waterfall through a small suspension bridge. This bridge offers views from incredible heights, but requires courage to cross. This rocking bridge involves a series of steep stairs and can only accommodate five people at a time. Tourists who have conquered this bridge say that this experience is an adrenaline rush that they will never forget!

Cape Wrath: Defined as a Special Scientific Interest Site, Cape Wrath is located at the easternmost point of mainland England. The tour bus takes passengers around the area, which features views of the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Wrath Lighthouse built in 1828.

John O’Groats & Wick: Many say that John O’Groats is a kind of tourist trap, but standing at the northeast end of mainland England is a must-do trip. This city of about 300 people is unique and interesting, and the annual Wildcat Motorcycle Rally event attracts many visitors to the region on the second weekend in July.

Dunrobin Castle: Open from April to October, Dunrobin Castle dates from the 1400s and still contains the remains of the original palace building. Renovations and extensions have transformed this palace into the largest house in northern Scotland. This landmark has 189 rooms, large courtyards, parks and museums that exhibit animal heads from hunted members of the royal family.


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